Bird watching is one of the fastest growing interests in the world. If you’re buying for a bird watcher, here’s a primer on ideas for bird watching gifts.

Bird Watching Gifts

Bird watching may seem the simplest of tasks. In truth, there are lots of gadgets, which gives you an opportunity to find great bird watching gifts

1. Binocular Pack Straps – Where you find bird watchers, you’ll find binoculars. Binoculars are the staple equipment item of all birders. The problem, however, is binoculars have a habit of flopping around your body when walking and putting a strain on your neck.… continue reading

Bird Watching is a Recreation Anyone Can Enjoy at Any Time of the Year

Do you ever have a day when you have nothing to do ?, You know them times when you’re on the internet in some chat room, and you type ‘ I’m bored ! ‘, or your flipping through the TV channels, and you say to yourself or out loud ‘ 250 channels, and nothing good to watch ! ‘, yes, you know what I am talking about. Now you have something you can do on those so called boring days, go bird watching.

No matter where you live you probably have birds of some kind, even folks in New York have central park and other places where they can go bird watching.… continue reading

Birding – The Technical Name For Bird Watching As A Serious Birder

For a person who cares about nature and the natural world, you probably like to spend time out in parks and other nature areas. One of those activities that you may partake in while out in nature is birding, the technical name for bird watching. When you spend time in these areas, nature probably feels closer to your heart and soul. By being in these areas birding, you are sure to learn more about the birds and their habitats. In addition to it being an educational experience, you are sure to enjoy time just watching the birds go about their day.… continue reading

Bird Watching Vacation – Make Costa Rica Your Next Destination

Costa Rica is attracting more and more bird watchers to it’s beautiful and delightful landscapes because of it’s diverse array of bird species that make this area home during different times of the year. There are well over eight hundred species in this small country, which makes it more abundant than that of the United States and Canada combined. Many people wouldn’t even consider bird watching anywhere else. It is for this reason, among many others, that you may want to make Costa Rica your next stop for a bird watching vacation.… continue reading

Bird watching is a fun and relaxing experience that can take you to different places and allow you to get a glimpse at the survival techniques that different birds utilize for nesting and raising their young, socializing and finding food, or singing to attract friends and mates. Ways to get the most out of your bird watching experience involve knowing what gear to bring, times of day that birds are most active, and knowing tips for identifying the birds and still have a comfortable and enjoyable time.

Beginning Bird Watching:

For beginners, consider teaming up with professional bird watchers. There are groups you can join, such as the Audubon Society or American Birdwatching Association.… continue reading

There are several reasons for getting a harness system. Whether you’re an avid bird watcher or a hiker, it is important to carry your opticals safely and easily as you explore. Dropping your equipment is the last thing you want to do. So it is very important to get the best binocular harness. Nothing less will do.

Many think that harness systems are all created equal. That is not true. There are vast differences when it comes to pricing, quality, customer service and overall value. The best binocular harness has got to be a combination of all of these qualities. There is no reason to settle when you know that you deserve the best binocular harness.… continue reading

There are plenty of flowers on Sanibel Island, though no Birds of Paradise.

Neither are there feathered Birds of Paradise to be found.

But Sanibel Island is the habitat for nearly 240 species of birds, ranging from the tiny beach goers to the large raptors.And, because Sanibel is referred to as a paradise, virtually all its resident birds could be considered “birds of paradise”!

It is not just the variety of birds that live on the island that make it so special, but the sheer numbers of birds that are present every where that makes bird watching so easy.

The Ding Darling Nature preserve is a great place to see almost all the birds that call Sanibel home, but they can be seen in every day activities as well.The sandpipers run freely along the water’s edge on most parts of the Island, and especially so on Bowman’s Beach.Any body of fresh water with a low level will attract the gorgeous spoonbills with their pink finery.… continue reading

Bird-Watching for Bird Cage Enthusiasts: Tips for Beginners

If you you can easily gaze for hours at birds as they play in their bird cages, if you love to be outdoors and if you admire the wonders of Mother Nature then bird-watching may be for you. It takes a certain level of knowledge and practice to become an expert bird-watcher. If you’re interested in this hobby but aren’t sure where to start, check out my tips for identifying and differentiating between bird species below.

Invest In a Bird Book

The first thing you should do is invest in a bird identification guide.… continue reading

hi me and my dad built a bird box a couple of months ago and now a male and female blue tit is bringing twigs and things into it! All my family including me are realy excited. But how do you bird watch? I have got binoculars and have been watching it pop in and out but how do you bird watch properly? thx… continue reading

Who said you can’t enjoy two pleasures at the same time? If you have to go on a Caribbean cruise, another thing you can do is bird watching given that there are a lot of bird species living out there in the tropics. Here are some of them.

First is the Trinidad Asa Wright Nature Center that is ten miles north of the town of Arima on Blanchisseuse Road. This place is situated in 200 acres of rain forest so you ca walk around here and catch different bird species hiding amongst the trees. If you have the time, try to spend at least 2 to 3 days here so you can take your time doing your hobby.… continue reading

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