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When I was bird watching in Tanzania as part of a safari in 2008, I took these photos. The birds are Carmine Bee Eaters – aren’t they beautiful?

I also photographed this little bird but I didn’t take a note of what it was.  If anyone knows, please leave a comment.

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Even if you’re a bird watching beginner, you’ll definitely know that you need a good pair of binoculars. However, the cost of binoculars for birding can vary tremendously and if you’re just starting out, you don’t need to spend a fortune.

In fact, your degree of expertise in this hobby should tell you what type of binoculars you should get. If you are a bird watching newbie, of course, it would be sensible to get the lower priced ones; as opposed to advanced birders, who would be better off with more technological and equally high-priced binoculars.

Doing your homework is essential to find out what categories of binoculars exist and which would be the most suitable binoculars for birding as you intend to do it.… continue reading

Birds are such fragile creatures that they need to be handled with care. However, it is possible to hand feed birds and it’s a great way to interact with them. Here are some tips as to how best to hand feed birds so that both you and the bird enjoy the experience and no harm comes to either of you.

For some reason, birds seem to realise that humans usually mean them no harm. Of course this is especially true of pet birds but wild birds which can live perfectly well without human intervention still seem to accept people and any help they can provide by way of food and places to nest.… continue reading

If you’re just starting out on your bird watching hobby, then you will know that you need either binoculars or a telescope for bird watching. However, there are a few points you should be aware of when buying a telescope for bird watching.

Consider the expense: As a new bird watcher, you may not have a huge budget, but don’t worry, there are lots of different priced telescopes on the market and you could even get a second hand one. Bear in mind though that the more you pay the better your telescope will be.

Read the reviews: Although you can read reviews on Amazon, I would recommend that you buy a specialist magazine for the best opinions when buying a telescope for bird watching.… continue reading

Bird Watching with Kids – How to Get Them Interested

It’s good for children to have a hobby which gets them away from computer screens and games consoles and out into the fresh air. Come to that, it’s good for adults too and if it doubles as quality time with their children, so much the better. Bird watching with kids also benefits adults because they see birds, trees and the rest of nature with new eyes but how do you get kids interested in bird watching?

Some children need no encouragement to be interested in wildlife but most have to be persuaded in some way.… continue reading

If you’re going to be feeding birds in the garden this winter or indeed any time, then make sure you have the right feeding stations for birds.

There are lots of different ones which are said to be “squirrel proof”; mostly, they have overhanging roofs and are really too small for squirrels to balance on. Here are a selection of the more basic models.

Although I personally am not too keen on feeding birds too close to windows (a) because of the danger of cats on window sills and (b) because of the risk of a bird crashing into the window as it lands, many people like the opportunity to watch birds close up from the comfort and warmth of their home.… continue reading

 Choosing the Best Bird Watching Binoculars

The best bird watching binoculars for one person are not necessarily best for someone else; it depends largely on whether you plan to watch birds in wooded areas or wide open plains, from a distance or as close as you can get. 

I’ll quickly recap on my previous article which can be found at Ezine Articles and which explained what the numbers 8 x 40 mean (for example).  The first number is the magnification.  In other words 8 x binoculars will make your object seem 8 times nearer than they really are and the second number, in this case 40 means that your objective lens is 40mm in diameter. … continue reading

Bird Watching Countries in South America

Bird watching is all about studying the life and habitats of the different bird species. Many bird-lovers satisfy their quest by visiting the zoological parks and wildlife sanctuaries at their nearest point, while some extreme birdwatchers take interest to make tour programs to prolific birding destinations. If you consider yourself as hard-core birdwatchers, then you can think about exploring the bird watching countries in the South American continent.

Take a look at some most popular bird watching countries in South America and plan for several birding trips as per your choices:

•    Ecuador Ecuador in the South American continent spans over the equator and covers an area of 272,046 Sq km.… continue reading

Attract Wild Birds with Niger Seed

Wild birds love seeds. When you want to attract wild birds to come and feed at the bird tables at a select farm you may use the niger seed to do the work for you. The popularity of this seed is increasing each day for the purpose of attracting birds to gardens to feed on wild food.

Mineral Rich Seed

This seed is rich in proteins and originates from Guizotia Abyssinica plant, a herb that is widely grown for its seed and edible oil in Ethiopia and other locations of Africa and India. This wild bird food is known by different names like nyger, inga, ramtil, black seed.… continue reading

Scan The Skies: Bird Watching In India

India is one of the blessed countries with its beautiful terrain, topography and lovely climate with rich diversity in flora and fauna. It has been a popular place for the fun trips of bird watching always. People from all round the world come to explore. The country has is always flooded with most of the rare species of the birds and is the hot spots that one can pick for bird watching.

The national bird of India is the blue peacock. With more than 1250 species of birds India is a must visit to all bird lovers.… continue reading

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